Avoid DWIs When Enjoying A Night Out

DWIA night out in the French Quarter can be so much fun. There are tons of clubs, bars and shows to catch. Of course the question: “How do we get home?” will come up at the end of a night out. Avoid pesky DWI charges and decide not to drive yourself. You could assign a designated driver, but is that really fair and what happens if the designated driver has a drink or two? Hiring a limo service is an elegant way to avoid DWI charges and ensures everybody in your group has a great time.

DWI Charges Are Serious

You probably know this already, but Driving While Intoxicated charges can have very serious implications. Here are some quick reminders about what could happen to you, if you get caught driving buzzed or drunk. According to  Louisiana Revised Statute 14:98  a DWI charge means you operated a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, or controlled dangerous substance drugs. Officials found your blood-alcohol content was .08 or higher. A first-offense DWI is considered a misdemeanor. Penalties can include imprisonment for  up to six months, or a fine of $300 to $1,000. You’ll spend 48 hours in jail and may also have to perform some community service. Probation could be up to two years.  That’s not all, some employers may not want to hire you if they find a DWI charge is on your driving record. Furthermore, what if you do not get pulled over, but seriously hurt or even kill somebody while driving buzzed? Keep in mind that medical Marijuana license will not protect you from charges, if you get caught driving.

Avoid The DWIs and Get There In Style

It’s simple to avoid DWI charges: use New Orleans’ premier  limousine company Big Easy Limos, Inc.. The company’s devoted staff provides first class personal service. Big Easy Limos, Inc. will not only get you to your destination on time, but we will also make sure you are comfortable and all your needs are met.  Big Easy Limos has a huge selection of vehicles to accommodate any size party. Whether you need a sedan or want to bring your friends or business partners in a party bus, Big Easy Limos, Inc. has the perfect vehicle for you.

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Limousine service from Big Easy Limos is more affordable than you might think, and offers a number of amenities and additional services to better accommodate you and your guests. To inquire about rental rates or reserve a vehicle for an upcoming date, call (504) 466-4477 today!

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