Treat Mom like a Queen

Mother’s Day is a special day…

Treat Mom like a Queen with a limo for the festivities.

Mother’s Day is a special day! You should hire a limo for your Mother’s Day festivities and treat your Mom like a Queen. Everyday was Mother’s Day until the national holiday was established by US Congress in 1914 and President Woodrow Wilson signed it into law. Prior to the ratification of this enactment, it was Anna Jarvis, whose own Mother died in May of 1905, who started a letter writing campaign to establish a special day to honor Mothers by their children recognizing the sacrifices they have made for their families. Jarvis selected the second Sunday in May for this special day because it was the closest day to the anniversary of her own Mother’s death. She also selected the white carnation to symbolize the day because it was her Mother’s favorite flower. After the special day became so wildly popular, Mother’s Day became more commercialized. Jarvis became disenchanted with her accomplishment due to the increased commercialization and profiteering by non-profit organizations. She spent all of her resources for the remainder of her life trying to decommercialize Mother’s Day. In 1948, Jarvis died in a sanitarium. She was penniless, blind, and defeated.

“This is not a celebration of maudlin sentiment. It is one of practical benefit and patriotism, emphasizing the home as the highest inspiration of our individual and national lives,” Jarvis wrote.

In spite of Jarvis’ concerted efforts to return Mother’s Day to its humble roots, Mother’s Day remains a day of honoring our Mothers with cards, flowers, chocolates, gifts, and a delicious meal that she did not have to prepare or clean up after. Whether it’s a picnic in the park or a dinner in a fine dining restaurant, Moms across the nation enjoy this special family gathering in her honor. Since restaurants in the Metro New Orleans area are generally sold out, hiring a limo is that respectful added touch to make Mom feel like a Queen. With bottomless Mimosas generally being served, everyone can imbibe with your chauffeur having your safety in mind.

Your chauffeur will take you to your destination in a timely manner, returning you home safe and sound for a day your Mother will always remember