Why It’s so Easy To Get Lost In New Orleans

Getting to where you need to go: Choose Big Easy Limos and Avoid  The Hassle

If You Are New To New Orleans

If you are new to New Orleans getting around town can be tricky. There are tons of one-way streets which can throw you off your tracks and that’s only the beginning. The city, unlike most American towns, is not laid out in a grid. The streets basically follow the bend of the Mississippi river. That’s why New Orleans is often referred to as the Crescent City. Getting directions from locals won’t necessarily help you if you just got here. Locals won’t give you cardinal directions like go north, east, west or south, instead they will tell you that your destination is lakeside or riverside. The fact that the Westbank is actually east of New Orleans only adds to the confusion. New Orleanians also love to refer to landmarks or neighborhoods. You will hear things like “That’s on the other side of City Park,” or “That’s deep in the Bywater.” You’ll also find that some street names in the city are misspelled on street signs which will throw google map, or pretty much any navigation system off.

If You Are A Local

St Ann - New OrleansAnd even if you are a local and you are familiar with the city’s idiosyncrasies you’ll still find it difficult to get around sometimes. Constant and ever changing construction work can throw a wrench into your travel plans. As you know, there’s always something going on in the city. Officials will block off major streets for bigger festivals and, of course, for parades during carnival season. This can make it tricky to get around town even if you are not planning on going anywhere near the festivities. Furthermore, the search for a parking spot can prove to be difficult in certain parts of the city especially the CBD or the French Quarter. Hire a professional to get you where you need to go on time and hassle free.

Getting There In Style

1957 Vintage Rolls RoyceYou can get there in  style by using New Orleans’ premier  limousine company Big Easy Limos, Inc.. The company’s devoted  staff provides first class personal service. Big Easy Limos, Inc. will not only get you to your destination on time, but we will also make sure you are comfortable and all your needs are met.  Big Easy Limos has a huge selection of vehicles to accommodate any size party. Whether you need a sedan or want to bring your friends or business partners in a  party bus, Big Easy Limos, Inc has the perfect vehicle for you.

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